Public Art Pieces

Eric Von Arx - Public Art Pieces

(2007 - present)

Block Island Sculpture Park 2012


Block Island Shoreline

"Unamed" 2012

"Unamed" 2012

SICA's "Sculptoure" 2012

"Native Revival"

Eden, Utah 2011

"The Fall"

SICA's "Sculptoure" 2011

"Growth Rings"

Eden, Utah 2010


Block Island Sculpture Park (Permanent Collection)

"Identity Theft" (added 2010)

"Origins" 2008 with "Identity Theft" 2010

SICA's "Sculptoure" 2010

"Highlander" Stands firm at "SCULPTOURE" 2010

ART ALLIANCE "Featured Artist" 2010

"Brothers in Arms"

"Truncated Dream"

BWAC (NYC) "Abundance" 2009



23rd Annual State wide Open juried show 2009

Art Alliance Red Bank, NJ

"Soldier's March"

SICA's "Sculptoure" 2009

"Big Wind"


SICA's National Juried "Sculptoure" Show 2008

Long Branch, NJ 2008

"Disjointed Triptych"

(the 3 pieces below)

"Hernia" "Nude Descending a Stairway to Heaven, No.X" "Lost City"


Block Island Sculpture "Eye of the Storm" Show

Block Island, RI 2008

"Origins" "Contained Exuberance"


SICA's National Juried "Sculptoure" Show 2007

Long Branch, NJ 2007

"Whispering Winds of Evolution"


Block Island Sculpture "Inaugural" Show

Block Island, RI 2007

"Ancient - Future Block Island"